Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Much Do You Love Her?

He ran to her side.
She fell into his arms.
Clair felt at peace,
but Mathew knew they were in harm.

He broke out of her embrace
to the T.V. he went
flipped on the power
and that was when reality hit.

"They are all over,
killing everyone.
They are sick and twisted
and could turn you into one.

With just one bite
your blood will begin to boil.
Your skin will begin to rot.
Your eyes will turn green,
then you are no longer yourself
for you will be to mean."

The words repeated
in Clair's head,
"just one bite".
She turned to Mathew
with tears in her eyes.
He looked down at her arm
and a piece of his heart died.

"It was Paul
from next door.
He looked so sick,
Then into my fresh his teeth tore. "

He grabbed her shoulders
pulling her into him.
Tears rolled down his face.
What was now going to happen to them?

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