Monday, May 23, 2011

How Much Do You Love Her?

"I heard the news about the plant.
I'm on my way home,
lock all the doors,
and stay by the phone."

She did as he said,
locked all the doors.
She looked down at her arm
and fell to the floor.

It looked really bad,
blood pouring out of her arm.
Pain radiating from the bite.
Her heart pounding like an alarm.

She pulled herself up.
Mathew's on his way.
She just wanted to be in his arms
and to know everything was okay.

She set back down.
Then there was movement at the door.
Fear struck her heart,
she slid back across the floor.

Her pulse was racing,
A scream was caught in her throat,
in stepped Mathew,
in stepped her hope.

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