Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Much Do you Love Her?

Something looked wrong.
She hurried to the window.
He seemed to be hurt.
His clothes were covered with dirt.

She flung open the window
with a shocked look in her eyes.
She took one look at Paul
and started to cry,

"What happened?
Are you okay?
Can I get you something?
Maybe somewhere to lay?"

He moaned in pain
and grabbed her arm.
Clair with tears in her eyes
had no idea she was in harm.

With one quick movment
her flesh was in his mouth.
In a matter of of seconds
she felt the pain.
The tears from her eyes began to rain.

A scream rang out
into the warm May day.
The pain rained over her body
as pulled her arm away.

Slamming the window shut.
Head spinning with fear.
Inside screaming that
she had to get away from here.

Locking the window
and the back door,
she looked at her arm,
never before seeing so much gore.

Skin ripped open
and through all the blood
she could almost see the bone.
Just then she heard the ring of the phone.

Rushing through the house
She reached the phone.
It was Mathew on the other end,
"Honey You Gotta Come Home!"

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Jeannie Joie said...

This is good. And different.