Friday, June 3, 2011

How Much Do You Love Her?


Mathew came down
carring his gun and some water,
a few bags of chips
and anything else he could gather.

He sat down next to Clair,
things has gotten worse than they seem.
He looked into Clair's eyes
which were already turning green.

He felt a pain
in his chest,
his heart was breaking, he would have to,
it would be for the best.

" I don't feel good Mathew.
It hurts and I'm so hot."
Mathew's eyes started to water.
She is all that he's got.

"It's happening, isn't it?" asked Clair.
"I think so,
but don't think of that now,
just keep your voice low."

There was knocking at the basement windows.
They could hear their moans.
Mathew started to move, when Clair said,
"Don't leave me alone."

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